May 28, 2015

"Book Blush" - New Cringe Sketch

"I was reading a book in class, when my teacher started to do the register. I was so buried in my book that I wasn't paying attention. My teacher read my name then after a few seconds she said, 'is Sophia in school today?' Everyone was looking at me sniggering and I got shouted at for ignoring her!"
Sophia, 11

Jan 16, 2015

School Blues... in colour :)

I've made some minor changes and added colour to the school blues illustration. Here is the result.

Jan 2, 2015

New Year, new projects...

Just finished my first illustration of 2015. Something fun for Girl Talk magazine. :)

Digital Illustration by Diane Kolar

"My brother was saying things to put me off my food at his birthday party.
He was only doing it to impress his friends so I threw a tomato at him - 
but he 
and it splattered right into my best friend’s face. I was so embarrassed!"

– Olivia, 12